Mainframe Associates provides support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our services techs can connect to your site via the Internet to provide efficiently provide diagnostics and training.

Immediate service is provided from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PT. During off-hours, call forwarding to support technicians who carry cell phones to ensure a 10-minute response for emergency problems.

Software Support Features

  • Our support service program includes toll-free access, no-charge callback and updates to the software. We believe that keeping all our customers on the latest release is in everyone’s best interest and our customers seem to agree. Over 90 per cent are on support contracts with only a few going with ‘pay for play’ which we also provide.
  • Our training programs include outlines, hands-on practice, online consulting and on-site training. Training is offered at your place of business, at our premises, over the telephone, or over the Internet.
  • Our support technicians have years of experience diagnosing hardware issues and recommending solutions.  While it’s still recommended that customers have access to a local hardware technician, most hardware related issues can be resolved over the phone under our direction.
  • All inbound support calls are logged and numbered by our Service Writers and scheduled for prompt attention. Our support logging system has been developed over a number of years and allows for careful monitoring by both our customers and our senior staff to ensure the highest possible level of service.
  • Mainframe has years of experience providing remote support.  Many of the Controller Series Software users have never required a Mainframe Associates technician at their site.  That’s a HUGE savings to the customer.  Our technicians can walk you or your local technician through just about anything!