The Controller Series software was developed from the ground up by Mainframe Associates. This fully integrated multi-user software series has continued to develop over thirty years into stable, consistent, highly functional, and extremely user-friendly products.

Mainframe Associates has taken the core functions of the Controller Series, with its proven effectiveness and reliability, and created three unique industry software products.  This allows for even greater functionality and support services to fit your business.

The products are “customer driven” and special request enhancements are delivered when you ask for them. That is why we have the best software engineering service available.




Key characteristics common to the Controller Series software:

  • Full integration of all software modules
  • A unique user manageable ‘flag’ system allows installation over a wide range of industries
  • On-goinging development of user documentation
  • All new modules are made available to each and every customer with each new software release – we don’t hold anything back
  • Every component is very simple to use – the definition of “user-friendly”
  • Engineered to work efficiently in sites over 50 work stations with 40 printers and 30,000 transactions per day OR scalable to two stations, one printer and a barcode scanner.
  • Open database structure ensures that the system administrator is able to look at programming definitions of the entire database at any time
  • Controller Series software client server architecture means that all data is available to the desktop for additional analysis and export to spreadsheets and third party database engines
  • Controller Series software co-exists with advanced network hardware
  • Software supports direct access to EDI parts and communication files with no limit on the number of additional files as and when required
  • Supports profit centre accounting, or multi-store locations
  • Cash flow management and budgeting by department or location
  • Inventory or cost control reports by department or location
  • Customer Call Management module for sales and service departments
  • Built-in email throughout the system
  • Serialized inventory management
  • Export reports to your Windows workstation