We may be a long time from our origins in 1983, but Mainframe Associates still holds the same ambition.

Fast forward 30 years and we still provide the very best product at the most affordable price, and supported by the best team in the industry.

Find out how the Controller Series software can keep our customers happy for 30 years and how we can do the same for you.

Meet Our Team

Shaun SweeneyPresident & Founder
With over 30 years dedication to the Controller Series product development, Shaun has spent his professional life creating a stable product to help countless other businesses reach their potential.
Paula head shot
Paula StoffelsGeneral Manager
With years of business experience in sales and customer relations, Paula joined Mainframe Associates in 2002.  As General Manager, leading the company into it’s next generation she takes pride in her work.  Paula’s focus is to ensure that Controller Series Software meets all the current and future needs of the customer.